Trust and Advice in the Podcast Community – PCI 228

Three bumping fistsPodcasting is great because no experience is necessary to get started, but that means you run the dilemma of ‘how do you know who to trust for podcasting advice’. Finding the right people to trust and get advice from in the podcast community can take some time. Recent experiences on social media has got our team thinking, just what are podcasters to do in this situation as newcomers.

BIg news from the Blubrry team this week, we just released an update to our Advanced Stats service, now including Play Tracking.

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Best Practice:

Bad podcasting advice. How do you know who to trust?

Blubrry News:

  • Play Tracking data has been added to Advanced Stats. This is great information for those that utilize our audio player. Read our blog here and our press release here.

Question(s) of the Week:

Question: Podcast subscriber numbers are a bit of a mystery. It seems impossible to find out the number, can you tell me how and why?

Answer: Truthfully,Subscribers’ is an impossible statistic to find out accurately. Various apps use completely different ways to “Subscribe” or “follow” a podcast. They all use different timing to hit (and PULL) the RSS feed. Some apps even let the user set the timing. So, I may be subscribed to your show and my phone checks once an hour.  Someone else might subscribe and their phone hits the feed 2 times a day. This is impossible to know who is who from web logs.

In Blubrry stats, pick an episode that is 30 days old, click on it then go to Distribution. From there add the numbers from Podcatchers and Mobile Apps. That is a good guess of subscribers.

Also, look in Trending, Day-to-Day and you will see spikes on the first day. That first day is mostly subscribers and will give you another estimate as to the number you have.

On Saturday’s Podcast Help Desk episode: Pull vs. Push: How podcasting works on a technical level.  (I know, way geeky!) 

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