Twitter Rules for Podcasters

Your Podcast Takes Flight With Twitter

Twitter icon on smartphone

If you’re not all aflutter with it already, Twitter may present the best marketing opportunity for your podcast. There are several reasons for this.

  • Twitter is a time-tested technology (launched in 2006).
  • Twitter has been in the news almost daily for the past few years.
  • Twitter has almost 350 million users.

If you are not promoting your podcast on Twitter, it’s worth strong consideration. And don’t just wing it, either. Following these rules will help develop your strategy and make you the most effective Twitter-user possible.

Tweet often and methodically. Everything you post on social media has a certain length of time that it remains relevant; its ‘life-span.’ Posts on Twitter have the shortest life-span of any social media platform — most tweets have a life-span of 18 minutes. This is neither good nor bad, it is just something to be aware of as you use Twitter.

Here are two rules for managing the life-span of your tweets.

  1. Knowing that whatever you post on Twitter will practically disappear in less than half an hour, you can tweet a crazy amount every day and know that your followers will only see maybe one or two of your posts. 
  2. Tweet five minutes before lunch and five minutes before the end of the workday. When your followers check their Twitter feed at lunch or right after work, you want your tweets to be there.

Write to get retweeted. Your tweets go out to your followers. However your impact and influence is magnified when others retweet what you post. Research has been conducted on what makes a post more likely to be retweeted; follow these two rules and boost your influence.

  1. Include links in your tweets.
  2. Ask your followers to retweet your post.
  3. Be sure and check back often or set up your alerts so you know when someone tweets a reply — engaging with your audience keeps your tweet alive longer.

These three simple actions will lead to more retweets of your posts.

Compose tweets for a young audience. About 60% of all 18 – 24 year olds are on Twitter. Read about, think about, and write for Generation Z. They can become your strongest fans.

Twitter can help you market your podcast more broadly than most any other platform. Use these rules to maximize your social media efforts and watch as your show takes flight. Oh, and do you still need to start your podcast? Choose Blubrry as your podcast host to get going, and benefit from our Twitter rules. Already on Twitter? Check out how our partners, Headliner and Audioburst, that help you create short, catchy videos that grab and grow your audience.