2020 Holiday Season Guide for Podcasters

Last-Minute Tips to Celebrate the End of 2020

We are less than 75 days away from the end of 2020. And although we wish things had been much different this year, the pandemic, economic crisis and political and social volatility might offer us opportunities to grow our podcasts as we build our hopes for 2021. Below are five recommendations that every podcaster should consider as the year comes to a close.

  1. Buy needed equipment during end-of-year technology sales. Companies (more so than usual) need to make sales. This will result in lower prices and more incentives for customers to buy now. Also, companies are making plans to extend sale prices for longer periods of time. This creates an opportunity for us podcasters to take more time to do our research, shop sale prices more extensively and save money on all your technology needs.
  2. Strengthen your engagement with your current audience and create new opportunities to connect with potential listeners. Your existing and potential audience members are now comfortable with virtual events and activities. Because more people have begun working from home in 2020, they are more proficient at using communication technology and finding value in virtual meetings. With this in mind, think about offering more virtual events or activities to your listeners. This could strengthen your engagement with your current audience and create opportunities to connect with potential listeners. 

  3. With all the current crises, we are all yearning for a distraction. As you plan your production schedule for the rest of the year, keep your audience in mind and offer them what they want — even if it is a simple distraction. Such as:
    1. Think about sharing a bonus episode from your blooper reel.
    2. Collab with another podcaster on a topic outside of your comfort zone.
    3. Share a bonus episode from your patreon-only feed on your public feed.
  4. Make plans to maximize your unstructured time. With the upcoming holidays and reduced work expectations, you will have more free time to dedicate to personal projects, such as your podcasting efforts. Make plans now for how you are going to use your free time. 
  5. Take time for yourself! As mentioned before, you may have more unstructured time in your near future. Sure, you should use some of that time directly improving your podcast, but you should not spend all of your time on your podcast. President Abraham Lincoln is credited with the quote, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening my axe.” Consider this principle and spend time investing in yourself. Learn a new skill or spend time relaxing and greet 2021 with renewed energy!

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