Benefits of Private Internal Podcasting

The way many podcasters treat their most supportive listeners is like what you would see on your favorite sitcom. Be it Three’s Company, Black-ish or Friends, imagine the set up. Someone has agreed to start sending Jack, Zoey or Phoebe money to help as they start their careers. Unexpectedly their benefactor requests a visit, and the hilarity begins. Our main character sets up the meeting at a trendy restaurant they know little about. They discover that the restaurant is trendy because the theme of the restaurant changes constantly and their drink prices can increase at any time — not very conducive to conversation. They leave quickly and our main character invites the benefactor back to their apartment/house to talk more, but tells their benefactor that they may want to bring their own chair if they want to sit down. Funny, right?

Podcasters are making the same farcical request of their benefactors when they ask those financially supporting them to jump through extra hoops for additional content. Podcasters often ask their most supportive listeners to go to a third-party app or website for bonus material or they require their listeners to add a special RSS to their usual podcast player to get special episodes. Not so funny, right?

Blubrry recently introduced its Private Internal Podcasting (PIP) solution. A prominent feature of PIP is that you can deliver your bonus or premium content without using a third party. This provides you three benefits versus whatever you are using to reward your backers now.

  1. More Benefits to Your Supporters. Imagine an individualized feed for each of your supporters that allows you to deliver a premium recording – you can do that with the right settings. Imagine them clicking play and hearing, “Hey Leslie, you have been supporting me for six months now. Thanks!” Also, imagine that you can offer that level of individual attention to your supporters through their podcast player app, your custom app or your website (all included in your monthly fee).
  2. Increased Branding. Listen to the podcasts that you currently support. Now, count the times that they talk about going to some other platform so that you can support them. Imagine, instead, that on your podcast you are directing listeners to your own app or service for bonus episodes and behind the scenes material they cannot get any place else. You can promote yourself as a one-stop-shop for your supporters.
  3. Full Control Of Your Listener’s Experience. With your supporters visiting your website, you can control every aspect of what they experience. If you want to display a promotion for your new ebook as they listen to your most recent episode, you can do it. Imagine what any third-party platform would say if you asked them to place such an ad next to your play button.

Consider the perceived professionalism and appreciation your listeners will experience if you use the tools included in Blubrry’s Private Internal Podcasting solution. Contact us for a demonstration.