Appear Younger and Fresher With A Podcast Facelift

We know you want your podcast to be the newest, hippest show even if you have been recording for years. Here are 10 suggestions for giving your podcast an easy facelift to keep your show updated and contemporary.

Change the music in your podcast. The music in your intros, outros and bumpers enhance the experience of your listener. Changing your music lets your audience know that they are in for something new and different. Our friend SourceAudio is a great place to start.

Create a new cover image. This may be the only time when you have a second chance to make a first impression. Your cover image is the image people associate with your show. Updating this allows you to convey a new focus or level of professionalism without saying a word.

Announce changes to your show. Inversely, sometimes all you need to do to have a new energy and vitality in your podcast is to announce to your audience that you are wanting to, “Change things up.” You can alter your audience’s perception of your show by just managing their expectations. However you change your show, tell your audience what you are going to do and you’re halfway there. 

Record intros and outros after recording the main part of your episode. Raise your hand if you record your podcast in chronological order. Many people do. However, you could give your episode’s intros and outros a little more punch if you record them last. You can tailor your introduction with teases of what’s to come and build excitement for the episode when you know exactly what the show is about. Also, you can create a perfect call-to-action at the end of the episode by thoughtfully connecting what you want your audience to do to something that was said on the episode. That level of polish only comes from recording your episodes out of order.

Buy a domain with your show’s name or your show’s catchphrase. If you have not done so already, buy a domain that is connected to your podcast’s name. Someone may have already secured your podcast’s exact name. You may have to add ‘the’ to the beginning or ‘podcast’ to the end for your domain to get something that will work. If it is impossible to get your podcast name as a domain, think about a catchphrase that your show has and make that your website. Promoting your own website on your own podcast adds a level of legitimacy to your show.

Record in a new location. Regardless of where you record and conduct the post production work, there are audio relics from your recording location that make it into your released podcast episode. One way to change things up on your podcast is just to record in different surroundings. If you record in a studio, try recording outside or ‘on the go’. If you are not in a studio, think of recording in a smaller, acoustically ‘dead’ space. This will give your show a different feel that your audience will notice.

Increase your vocabulary. Lastly, one way to give your podcast a facelift is to improve you. Find an app, book or podcast that teaches you a new word a day. Try to use those words in your episodes. The change in your word choice will come across in your podcast and uplift your show in a way no other effort can make. If nothing else, your audience will appreciate your podcast more because of your efforts at self-improvement.

Have you recently updated your podcast? What did you do to give your podcast a facelift?

Share what you did in the comments below.