Show Notes Tips from Tech-Minded Podcasters – PCI 201

Show notes are an important part of publishing podcast episodes and creating an online presence for your content. This week two tech-minded team members – Mike and Shawn from the support team – discuss some show notes dos and don’ts when it comes to Blubrry services.

And we’ll be seeing you online this year for Podcast Movement, instead of in person in Dallas. We’ve heard whispers of the New York Times partnering with Serial Productions, and now it’s official. They chat about some other podcast news as well as what Blubrry has been up to – listen in and get more details in the latest newsletter.

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Recorded live from two well-separated and socially distant podcast studios in northern Michigan and central coast California; here’s Podcast Insider.


Best Practice:

Show Notes – Part II

  • Recommended settings in WordPress using PowerPress for show notes
    • In the Reading menu of WordPress Settings, select “Full Text” for syndication feeds.
    • In the Post Editor (Classic) go to screen options and check the box for Summary.  In the Block Editor go to settings and check the box for Summary.
  • When you make your post include your fully formatted show notes (format IN WordPress, not cut and Paste from any word processor)  (content:encoded tag)
  • Put what you want as a short description of the episode in the Summary box that then shows (description tag).

Blubrry News:

  • The iOS app for Private Internal Podcasting is available, read about it here
  • Our monthly newsletter went out this week, check up on what we’ve been doing.
  • Podcasters of the MonthMouse Chat – Steve Griswold and Lisa, Lauren, and Sharpie


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  • Shawn’s strategies for launching a new show
    • If there’s a planned launch date in mind, give yourself plenty of lead time to get everything in place.
    • Launching a new podcast is rarely a “weekend project,” especially for brand new podcasters (though, it can get easier with subsequent launches); give yourself adequate time to avoid going into panic mode.
  • Levelator (for Mac and maybe others) issues: It’s currently causing some trouble on Apple Products for playback.  Make sure you are encoding your files correctly.
    • Mp3 format, 44.1khz sample rate (Or 48khz works too), 128kbps CBR bitrate is best.
  • If you are using WordPress and PowerPress for your podcast feed currently,  DO NOT move your site to another platform (Squarespace, Wix, etc) without first making arrangements for your podcast RSS feed. Your show will be gone if you move before you think about your show. Contact us for options! (BEFORE you move).

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Coming at you this week from two very separate podcast studios in Michigan. Produced by the Blubrry Pro-Production team.

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