Know Your Dashboard: Billing

Know Your Dashboard is an ongoing series of in-depth looks at the features of your Blubrry Podcaster Dashboard.

The Billing section of your Blubrry dashboard is the place to go to handle the billing and service needs of your account. The options shown in this section will vary depending on whether or not you’re already signed up for paid Blubrry services.

If you’re signed up for Blubrry Free Stats, or you’re just maintaining a listing in Blubrry’s podcast directory, here’s what you’ll find in the Billing section:

  • Sign Up for Professional Statistics: Follow this link to sign up for Blubrry Pro Stats. This option is specifically available to existing Free Stats users or anyone who’s never signed up for Blubrry services before.
  • Sign Up for Podcast Media Hosting: If you’re hosting your podcast media files outside of Blubrry, or you’re starting a new podcast and need to establish service, use this link. All Blubrry Media Hosting subscriptions come with Blubrry Pro Stats included, no extra charge.

Paying Blubrry customers will see these links in the Billing section:

  • Change Plan: Clicking this link will allow you to upgrade or downgrade your current Blubrry Media Hosting subscription.
  • Update Billing: Have a new credit/debit card or PayPal account? Go here to update your billing information and keep your Blubrry services active.
  • Cancel Service: If you need to cancel any paid Blubrry services, for any reason, this is the place.
  • Payment History: This page shows a history of the payments you’ve made to Blubrry.
  • All Subscriptions: Go here to see a summary of all of the paid subscriptions on your Blubrry account across all of your individual shows.

Need to start, manage, or stop any paid Blubrry services? Head to the Billing section of your Blubrry dashboard to take care of business. Need help with a service or billing matter? Get in touch with Blubrry support.