What is Private Internal Podcasting?

All The Benefits Of Podcasting, None of the Security Fears

If you are reading this, odds are you can easily rattle off the benefits of podcasting from memory. Odds are you are one of the tens of thousands of podcasters who use Blubrry’s products and services to help make the world a better place through podcasting. Thank you for this.

This article however is not for everyone. The following is for podcast lovers who have a very particular need. Those who are committed to podcasting but need to share content in a way that is secure — crazy secure. A few examples of needing to release a secure podcast episode is:

  • You’ve created a premium audio course and you only want only people who have paid to receive it.
  • You run a small business and have to verify that your staff receive regular training or you’ll be fined.
  • You need to release the video recording of your organization’s board of directors meeting, need to ensure that all voting members have accessed the recording and be confident that no one can ‘leak’ it.

If you have one of those three security needs or others, or even if these scenarios make you ask, What if… you should check out Blubrry’s new service, PIP. The official name of this service is, Private Internal Podcasting and while the moniker “controlled release of audio or video recordings with amazing security” is more descriptive, the SEO for that title is already owned by the U.S. government. Still, PIP offers you the ability to control exactly who can access your audio or video (for a slight additional fee) content in only the way you choose. To further get your mind noodling, these methods of delivery could be:

  • Secure downloads
  • Secure streaming
  • Secure access via a dedicated mobile or desktop app
  • Crazy secure — encrypted at rest — file storage

If you are reading this article you are probably aware that many, many companies claim their services are secure. But the measures that Blubrry takes to ensure security goes beyond a simple claim. Blubrry does not rely on ‘Security Through Obscurity’ and hide behind an ‘s’ after http. If you would like to know about all the powerful features of this new service and the exhaustive security measures that are in place, feel free to follow the links above, or you could watch the official announcement on Facebook Live. Better yet, schedule a demonstration of Blubrry’s Private Internal Podcasting Service.