Blubrry Podcast Hosting via AWS Marketplace – PCI – 195

The past few weeks have been crazy busy with releases here at Blubrry, and Mike and Todd review them in this episode of Podcast Insider.

Our most recent release, Blubrry podcast hosting now available via the AWS Marketplace, a first in the podcast industry. And private internal podcasting is already in the works for podcasters. We can’t forget that we also released PowerPress 8.3, which included a major look and feel overhaul.

Before they get into Blubrry’s news, they discuss podcast length, PocketCasts issues in China, a new audience donation option, equipment updates, and whats going on with Luminary.

Note: We had some glitches on the live show, but Kate and the Blubrry Pro team fixed them in the recording!

Facebook Live Recording.

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This week on Podcast Insider…


  • Podcasts have gotten shorter over the last 5 years. They’ve gotten shorter by about 10 minutes since 2015.
  • PocketCasts has been removed by Apple from the Apple China Store. PocketCasts was contacted and notified shortly before the removal. (also Castro was removed) 
  • Podhero, a new listener donation app for podcasting. For audiences that would like to donate to multiple shows and not sure how to do so easily, this seems like a simple solution.
  • The RØDECaster Pro released a firmware 2.1 update, which offers a set of new features. Such as master bus compressor, broadcast-style level metering (in dBFS, not PPM nor short-term LUFS), and multitrack recording can now be achieved “post-fader”. The companion app has also been improved, including direct uploads to podcast platforms and firmware updating straight from the app itself.
  • A conversation with Luminary, what they need to do in the future to be successful, but not sure how they might get there.

Best Practices:

Planning for the long haul what your show will look like in two years.

  1. Advertising: Placement or time hacks for future ad spots.
  2. Prep your audience: Let your audience know beforehand that you may be commercializing the show.
  3. Regular support requests: Get your audience used to supporting the show through volunteering and/or monetary support.
  4. For you: what do you want to get out of your show?
  5. For your audience: what do you want to provide to your audience?

Blubrry News:

  • Blubrry Pro Hosting is now available on the AWS Marketplace. Check out the highlights:
    • First in podcasting to offer this capability
    • Truly SAAS (software-as-a-service)
    • No contract negotiations
    • Billing is already handled in AWS, users AWS billing units Setting up special billing
    • IT/Dev/owner just adds the service to AWS
    • Scenarios for AWS Marketplace
      • Use our services like normal
        • Publish through Dashboard
        • Publish through your WordPress site
        • Roll your own and Complete API Integration
  • Our new service, Private Internal Podcasting, now has demo accounts.
    • Mobile apps waiting on approval.

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  • Best Ways to reach support and get help, in order of fastest to slowest.
    1. Submit a ticket! You can do this on our website, found in our footer.
    2. A phone call during business hours. Available from 9am-5pm EST, Monday through Friday or leave a message.
    3. Submit an email to the support team,
    4. Blubrry Facebook Group – group, not business page.
    5. Support Forum for PowerPress (only if it’s not account or Blubrry specific).
  • Worst Ways, definitely the slowest ways. As in, most likely you will be told to contact us via our ticket system dedicated to helping podcasters.
    1. Twitter.
    2. Direct email to support staff member.
    3. Ask a Question in a non Blubrry Support Group.
    4. Direct message on Facebook Messenger or Skype.
  • PowerPress 8.3 demo webinar, Tuesday, June 16 at 4P.M EDT.
  • New! A Support video Podcast is coming to Blubrry.
  • We are working on updating and improving our documentation (there is a lot of it there!) This includes our Podcast Manual as well as everything found on And, you can help. If you see something that doesn’t look right, let us know!

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Coming at you this week from two very separate podcast studios in Michigan. Produced by the Blubrry Pro-Production team.

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