PowerPress 8.3 Released – PCI – 194

Happy Birthday, Todd!

Here at Blubrry, we’re big believers that podcasters should have a website for their podcast, and it turns out we’re not the only one. Check out the article listed below that details reasons why a podcaster should always have a website for their show.

Submitting your podcast to directories is critical so people can find your show everywhere, and owning those listings is important is any issues come up and the directory team needs to contact you.

We’ve been talking about our PowerPress update for a while now and earlier this week it finally went live. PowerPress 8.3 is ready and available for all users, with significant user interface changes.

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Best Practices:

Submitting to the Directories and Apps

  • One published episode is required to submit to directories. Typically most podcast apps only download the last episode if you’re subscribed. Submitting multiple episodes at launch may have disadvantages such as only the last episode is downloaded when someone subscribes. Older episodes may or may not be listened to. 
  • Episodes can not be made private and continue to be published in directories. One episode has to be public to be found.
  • Launches work best when you’ve already submitted an episode zero or pilot episode. That way, you can ensure your new episodes will be found in directories on launch day.
  • Submit to directories yourself; do not leave this up to a third-party organization (such as your hosting company).

Blubrry News:


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  • All the how-to videos for PowerPress 8.3 have been updated. Give them a look if you’d like to review changes made and how to find everything.
  • Podcasting by Committee: AKA too many people involved in the tech side of your show. Designate one or two people on your team that will take care of all tech and interact with support. 
  • Mike’s favorite tools for ensuring your podcast feed is healthy after publishing an episode:
    • CastFeedValidator.com – Check your feed here after posting a new episode
    • Firefox Browser with the RSSPreview plugin/add-on – Load your feed in Firefox to see if the post shows up and that it has a working mp3 link in it (click on the mp3 link).
    • Chrome Browser – Load your feed in Chrome to make sure it comes up as XML code and not plain text / HTML (this only works if you are not using a service that formats your feed like Podcast Mirror or Blubrry.com based feeds).
    • Play Your Show – Try the player on your website to make sure it plays.
    • Subscribe to Your Show – Apple or either Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts and make sure YOU get the episode. (Stitcher, Tunein, Spotify, and others like that will not work for this. Use Apple or Google).

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