Two Ways to Start a Podcast

Two ways to start a podcast

Your faucet has a leak.

Your headlight is out.

You want to start a podcast.

If you know nothing about plumbing, auto repair or podcasting you will handle all three of these situations the same way. You will either do the work yourself or pay a professional to do the task for you. Although faucets and headlights are outside our area of expertise, we know a thing or two about starting a podcast. Lets more fully explore both of these options.

The Bootstrapping Approach

According to the Oxford Dictionary Bootstrapping means to “get (oneself or something) into or out of a situation using existing resources.” Here is the good news, you do have the resources at your fingertips that will allow you to start a podcast. Minimally, to create a podcast all you need is a digital recording and the ability to share that recording over an RSS feed. Easy! If you are reading this blog you either have a phone or a computer on which you can make the digital recording. Just search for ‘Memo’ or ‘Recorder’ on your device — software that you may not have known about before  — and the built-in microphone to make the digital recording.

Next, you need to get your recording online with an RSS feed. We’re here to help you out! Just click here and get a Blubrry account. Use the Promo Code ‘INSIDER’ and you get a free month of podcast hosting. (FYI: Going through the process of signing up for your account and reviewing all of the support documentation will greatly help your podcasting efforts.)  Then simply upload that recording as your first episode and you have a podcast! You will learn more with each episode you release and your show will consistently improve.

The Professional Approach

You can also get professional support to guide you through posting your podcast online and sound your best from your very first episode. You can Google and find many experts that offer this service, but we offer a Professional Launch Package that allows you to do your best work while we handle the technical aspects of your show. When you choose the professional approach to starting your podcast, you pay for someone else’s experience rather than gaining that experience over time. It is up to you to choose how much your time is worth.

When should you start a podcast? The easy answer is now.

How  you should start your podcast is the real question we are discussing. The deciding factors for choosing a bootstrapping approach or professional approach is the amount of time you can commit to learning and the quality you desire for your first episode. If you have the time to learn the skills necessary to podcast and would be satisfied if your first episode is not perfect, explore bootstrapping. If your time is limited and you want your first episode to have professional polish, you should pursue a professional approach to start your show. Regardless of the approach, when you take to starting your podcast we can help.