Bill Fairchild – Run Jump Stomp – PCI – 177

Podcasting can be a very lucrative business for some. That includes the hosts as as well as the companies involved in content creation and distribution. Some numbers have been released letting us know that some popular hosts are able to make millions – and Spotify has once again purchased a company for content. Stay tuned for information on upcoming events, tech support cries and of course an interview with podcaster, Bill Fairchild.

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Best Practice:

  • Walk before you run. We relate to this when it comes to podcast shows and networks. We suggest that podcasters start with one show, learn the ropes and then expand. It’s the same amount of work for the second show – are you sure you have the time for that?

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  • We’re looking for an experienced writer AND podcaster for a long-term contracted writing position. Contact for more info.
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  • And for those searching for a podcast producer or looking for production help, we also know a team. Blubrry Pro-Production provides high quality services, including launches, – they even produce this show – and is available for any hosting customer. Check it out.
  • Podcast Movement Evolutions in LA – Hang out with Todd and meet our new marketing manager, Jeff Levine, and VP of Pro-Production, Toby Goodman.


  • Bill Fairchild – Run Jump Stomp


  • If you submitted your podcast to Spotify via Blubrry, ALL of your files must be hosted with us for them to work properly in Spotify.
  • Apple and Spotify issues – all fixed! 🤞
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