PowerPress 8.2, Updated Episode Box

PowerPress has been undergoing a UI/UX transformation the past few months and will continue to do so in the coming months. The release of 8.2 is the second step in the transformation and focuses on new on-boarding and getting started menus. The first release occurred in December 2019.

The biggest change in the 8.2 update is the consolidation of many of the episode settings features in the episode box. In the past, users had to activate many options in PowerPress Settings that were not default or available directly in the episode box. Users can now find all their options in the Episode Box section, underneath the blog section.

List of updates:

  • The media link is now verified automatically upon upload.
  • PowerPress Player shortcode is now displayed in the episode box.
  • Episode tab in Settings has been eliminated.
  • ID3 library updated to be compatible with PHP 7.4.

The new ‘episode box’ tabs

  1. Settings focused on SEO, including Apple Podcasts optimization, can be found here.
  2. Episode Artwork for all podcasts and Post Image settings for video files are included.
  3. Website Display includes info on the PowerPress player shortcode.
  4. Meta Marks allows users to edit their audio with tags and comments.

Overall, users are still able to change and verify their media, and the file size and duration are visible. Users will be happy to see everything pertaining to episode details in one place from now on.

We have additional updates we’re planning on making for PowerPress this year in our continued efforts to bring you the best podcasting tools out there. On that note, we’re looking for beta testers for our third and largest update to PowerPress — the entire menu system.

Read here to learn about becoming a future beta tester.