Toby Goodman – Blubrry Pro Production – PCI-167

MacKenzie talks with Toby Goodman from the Blubrry Pro-Production team on this shorty episode. Blubrry Pro-Production is now available for all of our professional hosting customers to help you launch your podcast or simply put your show on auto-pilot – a dedicated team is standing by.

Toby Goodman, VP Production European Division, is part of that team focused exclusively on Pro-Production. He’s been working in audio for 20 years and podcasting for 7+ years, so it’s safe to say he’s experienced. For any questions concerning the new service, reach out to Toby or MacKenzie.

For those that are in the US, Happy Thanksgiving! We will have a full episode next week.

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Coming at you this week from the Convo by Design Studio in Columbus, Ohio and London, UK.

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