Lois Melkonian – More to Life with Faith and Lois – PCI – 168

After a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, Mike and Todd are back with a full episode and interview this week. Those of you interested in the nitty gritty tech support  details will enjoy this RSS feed heavy discussion. For those of you curious about legal implications in podcasting, they review COPPA, specifically how this will affect YouTubers. Stick around to the end if you’re looking to migrate to a new podcast host.

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Best Practices:

  • Explicit Tags:
    • You must set the explicit tag in your feed.
    • If one episode is marked explicit, the whole show will be shown as explicit in some countries.
    • Does one swear word cause it to be explicit, no, we don’t think you should worry about it.
    • Is it worth it or should you ‘bleep’ the swears? All depends on your target audience.
  • Holiday production reminders: Releases episodes, Apple, etc.

Blubrry News:


Lois from More to Life with Faith and Lois. They recently hit 100 episodes, congrats!


  • RSS feed link showing as text? Or code? That’s normal. RSS feeds aren’t really meant for humans to read or understand, they’re more so for computers. Some people do know what to do with them, but RSS generators try to format feeds so they are readable.
  • When moving to a new host, take it slow, be deliberate. Trying to move in a hurry is the #1 way podcasters mess up their feed, causing them to lose listeners. If everything is done in the correct order your listeners and subscribers will not know that you’ve moved.
    • Create (duplicate) the feed in a new place.
    • 301 redirect the feed from the current host to the new feed.
    • Contact Spotify, they handle this differently.
    • Set Apple’s ‘iTunes new feed URL tag’.
    • We’ve explained it here.
  • New support phone hours are going well! Catch Mike and Dave Mon. – Thurs. 9AM – 7PM and 9AM – 5PM Fridays.

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