Blubrry Affiliate Program – An Interview with BforBloggers

The affiliate program from Blubrry Podcasting is something we’re pretty proud of. Not just because we think it’s a great opportunity for smart, hardworking folks to generate an income. But also because of some of the amazing Blubrry Podcasting Affiliates we have been fortunate enough to partner with. This week, we reached out to Aayush Bhaskar of BforBloggers to get his perspective on the Blubrry Affiliate Program. He’s an affiliate, but not a podcaster… yet. He’s planning to launch a podcast in 2020, so keep an ear out.

Blubrry Podcasting: How long have you been an affiliate?

Aayush Bhaskar: I’ve been a Blubrry affiliate for two years now. I joined in December 2017. Two months after joining, I started promoting Blubrry actively through pillar articles like the one “How to start a Podcast.” 

Blubrry: How much time do you dedicate to the program?

Aayush: It depends on what kind of content strategy I prepare for the given month. For example, August was targeted to Podcasters and October was a month targeted for Youtubers.

Blubrry turns out to be a perfect service to promote Youtubers as well. YouTubers can repurpose their content on podcasting platforms as it takes very little time but the results are amazing.

I actively promote Blubrry where it can fit in the best, without pushing it down the throat of my readers. I also included it in my course Kick Start Blogging and resource section, a few evergreen sections of BforBloggers.

Blubrry: Do you participate in any other affiliate programs?

Aayush: Yes. A few. And a few vetted partnerships. 

Blubrry: How would you rate Blubrry’s affiliate program versus other affiliate programs?

Aayush: A definite winner for making money. Other programs a very low credit, and some programs pay off a gift card – which I find to be very annoying.

Blubrry, on the other hand, gives straight commissions in the form of real money – not a gift card or credit. And the amount per paid signup is the highest commission you can get.

You also get a custom coupon code to share with your audience, which makes Blubrry’s marketing pretty easy. I find it an excellent value proposition to sell Blubrry over its competitors.

Blubrry is also a reliable product: an industry-leading media player, uptime analytics data, and speed when it comes to podcast hosting.

Blubrry: What’s been the most unexpected, positive thing about Blubrry’s affiliate program?

The unexpected thing was offering a free trial with custom coupons. Not many brands provide unique value to affiliates, and a free month is unusual.

[Another thing is] the tracking and ease of selling. I can track my progress month by month and year by year pretty quickly. It makes it clear where I need more work to do and track a campaign when my sales hiked.

Affiliate support – It’s necessary to have an active affiliate manager for an affiliate program to be successful, and MacKenzie has been helpful and easy to reach since day one. 

And, the annual bonus: The fact that you are given a bonus on your annual gross sales (and not affiliate commissions) is a cherry on top.

Blubrry: If you could give folks one bit of advice about affiliate programs in general, and Blubrry’s specifically, what would it be?

Aayush: When joining an affiliate program, make sure you are choosing a product that’s relevant to your niche and is a need for your targeted audience. If the product isn’t NEEDED, no one is going to pay attention even if you offer a discount. 

Blubrry’s affiliate program is already a good one. To promote Blubrry, you need to make sure you are pinpointing your problems and helping them understand why Blubrry is the best fit to solve that problem.

Another way to make good money as a Blubrry affiliate is demo videos. Demo videos that teach a beginner how Blubrry’s backend works will be a fantastic opportunity for higher sales.

I would also bet on dividing Blubrry’s podcast hosting, statistics, and PowerPress in a series of blog posts connected, you know, as a complete guide on Blubrry for Beginners.

If you host a podcast show on Blubrry, you can easily add a “Hosted on Blubrry” link with your affiliate link in the end of your transcript. 

Blubrry: Anything else you’d like to add?

Blubrry is a strong product and feels to be a perfect fit for podcasters to promote. Beginners can take advantage of Blubrry’s simple dashboard and pricing and advanced podcasters can use it’s stats to create a podcast marketing strategy.


Blubrry is also currently running an affiliate contest, you can learn more here. If you’re not already an affiliate, apply here.