Dan Smolen – The Tightrope – PCI-161

Thanks to Dan Smolen for joining our team this week to talk about his show, The Tightrope, you can catch his feature shortly after the beginning of the episode. Mike and Todd discuss some issues with Apple’s latest OS release, Catalina and what this means for some popular podcasting software. We’re working on a new service that our team is close to releasing, that we think network podcasters are really going to enjoy.

Thanks for joining us on this episode of Podcast Insider.


Dan Smolen – The Tightrope


  • Mac’s OS, Catalina, does not support Audacity (or any 32 bit software)
  • According to @MyCastReviews, Apple has hit 750,000 podcasts in their directory. Apple approved 2,200 new shows in just one day!
  • Some Spreaker weirdness – They’ve been IAB Certified, but as of now as just starting to use the IAB Certified stats for their customers.
  • Podiant Communities are ending soon.

Best Practices:

  • Taking a break, and when to do so.

Blubrry News:

  • Network Plugin is nearing completion and we hope to demo it early next week.
  • Texas Podcast Conference – Todd is speaking about the following:
    • Business podcasting and why you should
    • Importance of building your brand on your .com and why you need a podcast host


  • Passwords – When you change your password at Blubrry, you also have to re-login into PowerPress to keep them linked.
  • FILE NAMES of your media are important. Simple is better!
  • When it says ‘you’re out of space,’ that means you’re out of storage space for the month.
  • Check to see that you’ve uploading the correct file (no wav files or Audacity project files)
  • Did you release more episodes or longer episodes this month?

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Coming at you this week from the New Media Studio in Southern Michigan and Mike Dell’s World Studio in Northern Michigan.

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