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Welcome to 2019! Happy New Year from Blubrry podcasting! Diving into the year Todd and Mike discuss Todd's recent guest appearance on a podcast discussing something he's very familiar with, podcast statistics. If you're someone that likes to podcast on the go or just doesn't have an extensive studio, BackPack Studio might be for you. It replaced the longstanding BossJock app. In a world where more and more celebrities are getting involved, Kanye West will be a guest on a prominent podcast sometime soon. They end the show with a case study and what NOT to do when promoting your podcast. Also, Mike starts a new segment on PowerPress in-depth settings starting with the Feeds tab.

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Todd was recently on the podcast, The Word From Mouth, talking about Blubrry's new IAB stats compliance.
BossJock no more! BackPack Studio has replaced the podcast creation app.
Joe Rogan Experience fans, Kanye West will be on in the future.
Want to speak at Podcast Movement 2019? Speaker submissions will open soon. Get those proposals together.


What's coming to Blubrry in 2019? Get an idea of some of the things we are working on.
NEVER promote something you don’t own. Create your corner of the internet that encompasses other platforms such as Apple, Twitter, etc. Now on to a case study we did ourselves.
Case Study
Popular podcaster interviews a well-known person. Said interviewee promotes the episode on several websites, social media and publications. So far so good. Right? BUT, interviewee promoted the Apple link and not the podcaster's website (with RSS feeds and such on it). Meanwhile, this podcaster wasn't following best practices, ie author keyword stuffing. With the new found popularity of this podcast, it popped up into the top 200 at Apple… you guessed it, POOF. The podcasters link was shut down at Apple (the listing was down for 2 weeks). The trouble is all the publicity he got is worthless (or nearly so) because any link in any story was from Apple and it no longer works. Moral of the story: promote yourself, not someone or something else. Stay in control, 100%.

Lots of new people are immersing themselves in podcasting. This is great, but not always a great, but not always easy when it comes to support.

Tweaking the tech in PowerPress.
The Feeds tab settings that are important to set.

Enhance feeds: Really doesn’t matter which of these options you check if you are using the main podcast-only feed.
Podcast feeds: Check both boxes, “Do not allow other plugins to modify podcast feeds” and “Accelerate feed.”
Feed discovery: Check the box “Include podcast feed links in HTML headers.”
RSS2 image: Check that box.
Emoji: New feature from 2018, but use as desired.
Feed title (Show Title): hint, this is where you change the title of your show. 
Feed Description.
Podcast Mirror feed URL: Set only if you use Podcast mirror or some other RSS service.
Show most recent: Set this to more than 10.
Feed Episode Maximizer: Turn this on if you set the above to more than 10.
Basic Show Information: Optional, but recommended.
TV Rating: Due to the V-chip rule in the U.S., you should really check this for set-top boxes, aka Roku, Apple TV, etc.

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