Emoji and Skip-To-Position In PowerPress – YP42

The latest version of PowerPress was released early October, which included the introduction of emoji and skip-to-position. Google is dipping further into podcasting by teaming up with PRX for a Podcasts Creator program. The episode wraps up with the winners of the 2018 People's Choice Podcast award winners.

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“42, the meaning of Life, the universe and EVERYTHING!” – Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy

New PowerPress 7.4 with emoji! 🚒☎️☕️🎱🎧⁉️ (in these things, the show notes).
Also skip-to-position timestamp short-codes for show notes which allows you to jump to a point in the player.
Small changes in the PowerPress Podcasting SEO section due to Apple’s tag stuffing removals.
New: Google Podcasts Creator Program, with PRX. Growing the podcast community with diverse voices.
Haven't thought about Deezer in a while? Don't worry you're not the only one. Regardless, they recently added podcasts to their platform and have seen significant growth.
Congrats to the 2018 winners of the People's Choice Podcast Awards

Main Topics:

Spotify released a podcast portal: If you are already in Spotify with Blubrry, NO need to apply here as well.
Apple is always up to something. Lately they've been getting picky about what is in your tags. Remember, Title = TITLE, Author = NAME. No redundancy in episode titles.

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