Pocket Casts acquired by NPR, WNYC, WBEZ and This American Life – YP31

Pocket Casts, one of the most popular podcast listening apps, has recently been acquired by a few prominent podcasting community members. RAD, better understood as podcast pingbacks, will have some affects on podcasting. In a day and age when everyone can make their voice known, Blubrry will draw the line at some instances; stick around to learn hate speech vs. violence on a podcast. There are many podcast directories out there, and listing your show in the Blubrry directory is one that podcasters should not miss out on.

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Pocket Casts, based in Australia was recently acquired by NPR, WNYC Studios, WBEZ Chicago, and This American Life. They've promised no big changes are coming soon.
Hate speech vs. violence in a podcast. Where does Blubrry draw the line?
RAD or Podcast Pingback: There will be some resistance to adding RAD to apps and directories. It's unlikely at this moment that Apple will implement it to its platform. They are not the only ones that will be hesitant to add the new statistics initiative as we expect some apps will hold back.


Yearly board meeting is quickly coming up at the Blubrry headquarters in Columbus.
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