Podcasting Tips from Expert Gary Leland

To improve podcasting you have to go through some trial and error. The episode opens discussing secrets that make some podcast hosts better than others. Podcast Hall of Fame inductee, Gary Leland, chatted with MacKenzie about what he has accomplished and seen change in the podcast industry since he started back in 2004. He's been involved in podcasting in a multitude of ways and is involved in the Podcast Hall of Fame ceremony at Podcast Movement later this summer. They wrap up by mentioning a content for students to start a podcast, put on by the New York Times.

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Show notes:
Secrets for Super Podcast Hosts: Dissecting some dos and don'ts of being an interviewer.
Podcast Pickle: One of the first podcast directories out there.
Crypto Cousins: Keep up with the bitcoin community.
4 Minute Crypto: Part of the Crypto Cousins network.
Gary Leland: Get to know the man behind so many podcasts in a variety of niches.
Student Podcast Contest: Hosted by the New York Times.