PowerPress 7.0 is here! PowerPress Podcast Episode 20

PPPiTunesAlbumArt300MacKenzie and Mike are excited about the new release of PowerPress 7.0 as discussed on this episode of the PowerPress Podcast. They have some great news articles, Podcasting in Not the New Black, and another called Podcast Presentation Skills. Mike completely agrees that ‘podcasting is not the new black’ but MacKenzie sees some merit in the idea. And MacKenzie comes to realize she is not a fan of the process of booking guests on the show in her podcast chronicle. Last but not least, they also discuss a recent blog post on our site about taking a break from your podcast.

Show notes:

Podcasting is Not the New Black

Taking a Break Without Losing Your Audience

Podcast Presentation Skills

Podcast Movement discount

Elite Man Conference

PowerPress on WordPress

Attend a PowerPress and Blubrry hosting setup webinar