4 Ways To Promote Your Podcast (Beyond iTunes!)

Of course you already know that submitting your podcast to directories like iTunesGoogle Play Music Podcast Portal, and the Blubrry Podcast Directory are the first steps in getting your show out to the wider world. But in today’s noisy internet ecosphere, just listing your show and hoping people will find you usually isn’t enough! Instead of relying on any one directory or list to elevate your podcast in the ranks, focus on a long-term strategy that incorporates audience development, consistency and a few clever promotional techniques. Here are some ideas for elevating your promotion strategy and getting more people to tune into your show:

Make Smart Use of Social: 

Social media moves fast, so you’ll need to be consistent and active on your chosen platforms to make an impact. Here are some ideas for clever ways to promote your podcast on social:

  • Post quotes from the show on Twitter to create clickable pre-written tweets your listeners can share right from the show notes. Make sure to tag your co-host or guests, too – they’ll be much more likely to see your tweets and remember to share.
  • Post a Facebook Live video of a few minutes of the recording process, or to send a special “hello” to listeners who follow you. This can be a fun way to show listeners a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your process, and currently Facebook is prioritizing Facebook Live videos in their feeds.
  • Instagram a screen shot of your show notes post or the episode image along with a description of the episode and your show’s hashtag. IGs of hosts setting up to record are also a lot of fun and can act as a reminder to tune in.

Keep Reminding Your Audience To Engage. 

Podcast listeners are busy and often listening on-the-go. They may need reminders to share your podcast with friends, comment, or leave reviews – all things that can increase your audience base. Ending your show with a call to action – whether that’s to leave an interview or share the episode with a friend – will help cement in your listener’s mind what they should do next. Loyal listeners WANT to your show to be successful! Give them a chance to help out by giving them a nudge.

Attend Conferences. 

One of the best ways to get the word out about your podcast is to go where the other podcasters are! You can learn what other podcasters are doing to be successful and network with podcasters who can have you on their shows and vice versa. Since it’s easier to get an existing podcast listener to try out a new show than it is to convert a total newbie, it makes sense to become immersed in the podcast community and find ways to collaborate and co-promote. (Thinking about heading to Chicago for Podcast Movement in July? Use the code ‘Blubrry’ to save $40 when you get your ticket!)

Educate Your Audience. 

If you’re trying to bring an existing audience over from another platform (blog, friends or followers on social media, etc) you may need to make it really clear to your would-be listeners how podcasts work and why, when and how they should listen. Creating a post that explains the process of downloading a podcast can be helpful. Remember, even if you’re an old pro, to many people podcasts are new and they may not understand them yet.

What are your go-to podcast promotion strategies?