PowerPress podcasters can now CrowdFund their Podcast Directly to Subscribers

Blubrry has added another innovative podcast attribute to PowerPress; podcasters are now able to add donate and monetization links directly to their podcast feed and website. Blubrry is working with Skipcast an iOS podcast application the first of its kind to take donate links from the feed to display the podcasters donate or Patreon link in the application.

SkipCast is proud to partner with Blubrry to provide iOS’s first in-app crowdfunding feature. Providing an easy and safe way for listeners to offer financial support helps guarantee a vibrant and diverse podcasting ecosystem for years to come,” said SkipCast developer Matt Grdinic. “At SkipCast, we’re simply thrilled to be part of this incredible movement.”

PowerPress is the first service to provide donate and support links that will be syndicated within the podcast feed. Podcasters will be able to use this new RSS element for donations, promoting their brand via shirts, mugs, etc., even direct links to sponsors of their show. PowerPress users provide the donate URL in PowerPress and it is syndicated along with the podcast information. With a donation link embedded as an element in the RSS feed, third-party sites like Blubrry and podcast apps like SkipCast can now display that link.

“Our goal is like Subscribe on Android, other third-party apps will add a donate or support link in their apps /sites. Helping podcasters raise money for their shows on and beyond their websites is a lot easier now,” said Todd Cochrane, CEO of RawVoice and Blubrry.

For most, podcasting full-time sponsorship is a challenge so these extra monetization opportunities are a game-changer. This feature guarantees that donate and support links will be circulated to all listeners and that they will know where to donate to the podcast regardless of where they listen to a show. Podcasters can even use the feature to promote affiliate opportunities.

More than 50,000 podcasters use PowerPress for their podcast website, and this feature can easily be enabled with one click. The Podcast Feed markup is part of the RawVoice RSS2 namespace, which is publicly available and can be adopted by any podcast service. Blubrry and SkipCast are proud to be the first podcast companies to provide this tool for podcasters.