Google Play Music: Good going!

Welcome to the podcast party, Google Play Music! This is great news in the podcasting space and we applaud your announced integration of podcasts into your platform. We at Blubrry are ecstatic and look forward to your launch.

PowerPress is Google Play Music ready and as part of Google’s announcement we have released PowerPress 6.1 for the 50,000+ active podcasters that use the plugin. Though valid iTunes podcast feeds are acceptable for submitting to the Google Play Music Podcast directory, the additional options in PowerPress will give users all of the resources to maximize Google Play Music listings.

“Google Play Music’s new podcasting features will be a great enhancement to the thriving podcasting atmosphere,” says Todd Cochrane, CEO of RawVoice, Blubrry’s parent company. “This will be a welcome platform for Android users, who will now have a native podcast presence.”

“Our research has shown that Android podcast consumption to this day has been untapped, and with the market share that the Android platform holds, Google’s native podcasting integration should prove a big win for podcasters,” said Angelo Mandato, CIO of RawVoice.

Podcasters can submit their podcast to Google Play right now via their website. Most users are being accepted within 24 hours.