Finding Your Podcast Voice

PPPiTunesAlbumArt300Podcasts about podcasts are not uncommon. MacKenzie spoke with Todd Cochrane, CEO of Blubrry about finding your voice to stand out in the crowd and develop your show. We mentioned the new Buzzfeed podcast, Women of the Hour, and spoke about the Overcast mobile app. If you’ve been looking for subscribe options on your website, be sure to tune in for Todd’s PowerPress Tip of the Day. MacKenzie and Todd mention the new composer in the studio, however we apologize for the not so perfect sound on this episode. Once again, still working out some bugs. Email MacKenzie with show topics, suggestions, and even if you’d like to be on the show! Subscribe below and on iTunes and Android. Take a look at the new studio equipment.


Show notes:

Women of the Hour

DBX 286s – Microphone Pre Amp Processor