Why you should use your own Podcast feed

We are podcasters first at Blubrry, and we practice what we preach in providing tools that allow you to implement best processes for your podcast. We also know the strategic advantages of using a personal podcast feed from your own dot-com when it comes to obtaining the best positioning from Google and Apple for show and episode discovery.

Some companies employ outright scare tactics to make podcasters believe they should use their solution. But let me tell you, those tactics are used for one thing: Control. They want to own your production pipeline.

Todd Cochrane, our CEO and Podcast Hall of Fame inductee, has been evangelizing for the past 10 years the need to control your most important podcasting asset: your RSS feed.

Here are five items to consider when choosing who owns and controls your feed:

  • Intellectual property – Controlling your RSS feed and using your own domain are the only ways to have 100 percent control of your intellectual property. This also ensures you are able to move to any service or host without losing any subscribers or SEO you have established.
  • Brand – Blubrry believes that “you should promote you” and your show/brand instead of promoting us or anyone else. It’s your show. It’s your site. Control all of it.
  • Up-to-date standards – Podcasting is constantly evolving. Using WordPress along with PowerPress ensures that you have the most up-to-date RSS and podcasting standards.
  • Feed maximizer – With feed maximizer in PowerPress, you are free to have the maximum number of episodes in your feed and still stay under any feed size limits. Not all third party feeds will do this.
  • SEO optimization – We have provided within PowerPress the ability to apply SEO techniques that allow your episodes to be positioned at the top of search results on the Web or in podcast directories such as iTunes.

Do not be swayed! It’s your show; build your brand and do not allow a third party to take your RSS feed and hijack links from your site back to theirs. Find out more about Blubrry PowerPress, and protect what’s yours.