Get a taste of the Blubrry and TPN Channel App on Google TV

Not much more app-etizing than Blubrry and Tech Podcasts Network (TPN) on Google TV! Yes-sir, now your favorite shows are accessible on yet another platform. With Google TV, Blubrry and TPN provide content creators the ability to access new markets that reach a worldwide audience of all demographics. Audiences can see network shows and manage their playlist through MyCast, wheth

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er they have a Blubrry or TPN user account or not.

The Google TV app is one more in our RawVoice cache that also includes:

  • Roku
  • Boxee
  • LookeeTV
  • Samsung Smart TV

So, it’s official, Blubrry and TPN content creators can be ogled on Google TV in addition to just about every medium available. And audiences can subscribe to a show as easy as pressing a button.


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    Is Blubrry interested in using these shows as part of your internet television content?

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    As of April, 2012, we produced 200 unique products (150 radio shows; 22 television shows; 28 blog articles).
    These numbers do not include transcripts that we create for every radio and television show.

    The social media service offers:
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