VO Minute adds that air of professionalism to your Blubrry podcast plug

Way to go Joe! Thanks a bunch to Joe McNeil of the VO Minute podcast and Marktree Productions for donating three Blubrry promo spots to our community. If you’re part of Blubrry family of podcasters, y’all know we ask you to put in a plug for Blubrry on each of your episodes. You can do your own or, thanks to Joe, Marktree Productions and some of our other folks, use a professionally prerecorded audio or video clip from our spots page. Check it out!
In addition to VO Minute, we’ve got spots by Patsy Terrell, FogView Podcast, Jak Attack Podcast, Rich Palmer and more. It’s a great way to mix things up and add an even more professional air to your show, all while spreading the good word about Blubrry.com.