Tracking all iPads!

With Apple’s iPad now arriving in the hands of hundreds of thousands of media consumers, it is destined to be a highly popular media consumption device. We have added the iPad to the list of devices we track in our podcast media statistics service, ensuring that your media — no matter what platform it is seen or heard on — is being counted.

Our basic statistics service is free, so sign up now and add your show to Blubrry to make sure all your downloads are being tracked, including those from the iPad. Need a bit more than the basics? Check out our Podcast Statistics Premium.

This is only the beginning. Our team has been working hard on some awesome stuff, so keep your eyes peeled! We have a number of exciting announcements to make in the coming days.

3 Replies to “Tracking all iPads!”

  1. The UPS truck came & left a notice 10 minutes ago. I didn’t hear a door bell…. NO iPad today, will have to wait till Monday…. $@$%!!%!#@$ 🙁

  2. Am I missing something, or is PowerPress’s reliance on Flash players something of a problem here? I would love if PP could detect Mobile Safari and offer an tag instead.

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