Excellent competition by LIHD; gotta do it by Oct. 9, though

You’re already Living in High Def, but we know you want to be living a little larger. LIHD is looking for bloggers, video bloggers, photographers, podcasters and their communities who want to win a
content-creator focused digital suite that they can use to blog, video blog, photograph and podcast even better.

If you win, you get:

  • a 50-inch plasma TV
  • a Blu-ray player
  • two digital cameras, a camcorder
  • a new laptop
  • an extra Panasonic Lumix camera to give away to someone in your community.

Winning the title of LIHD Insider also gives you access to new Panasonic technology before it hits the stores and access to the great Greg Harper–the LiHD Answerman–who knows almost everything about
digital technology.

Here’s how to do it:

  • join the LiHD community http://www.livinginhd.com
  • click on the button that says “Become an LiHD Insider.” . . . (it’s the “Win” tab)
  • fill out a registration form
  • upload a video to the LiHD Insider site about why you should win this customized suite of hi-def products. (Check out the site to see what other ppl have uploaded, most have just used their laptop camera and one take.)
  • promote your entry in your community