Show us – and lots of others – what you like

Um, yeah, OK we are hoping you’ll do our work for us. But we’re guessing you won’t mind. Fact is you can do it better than we can and a little face time is going to be a good thing for you and your podcast. The team at RawVoice is looking to you for video testimonials on our products and services to post on our website.

These video testimonials will reach advertisers, podcasters and corporate clients so keep that in mind when you’re putting them together. Duh, videos that are simply promotions for your show won’t make the cut.

Topics for the testimonials include:

  • Podcast Advertising: tell the world what it has done for your show and how your listeners have reacted to the spots.
  • Podcast Statistics: tell our audience – and yours – what you like best about the stats and any insights the service has given you about your audience.
  • Podcast Hosting: reveal your innermost feelings about our hosting and the tools available to each client.
  • PowerPress: so, what you like about it? Let the masses know how it has improved your show production.
  • Portal Clients: the viewers anxiously await your insights on how the portal has helped your company and how you are using it.


  • 2-3 minutes max
  • We’d like to be able to download the raw footage to edit in-house so we can put in titles and make sure it’s in the proper format. If you want to do all that yourself that’s fine, but please provide us a high quality master to work from.

Questions can be directed to

Thanks in advance for doing our work for us. We knew you wouldn’t mind.;)

Team RawVoice