Time for Quarter 4 Advertising Show Selections

This week I will begin reviewing potential new shows for our Quarter 4 advertising buy. I will also do an intensive audit of the shows that have been on the previous quarter’s campaigns.

This quarter every show will go through a top to bottom review to ensure that it has complied with the campaign requirements from the previous quarter. Shows that have not met campaign requirements will not be retained for Quarter 4.

When looking at new shows to invite to the campaign I look at the following:

  • Show website (multiple elements evaluated)
  • Show production consistency
  • Podcast statistics (Blubrry)
  • If the show is family or adult oriented
  • Show content value
  • Whether the show is thoughtful and credible

Finally I look at your Advertising Survey and evaluate your audience demographics. If your show makes it through this evaluation it goes on a shortlist for consideration. I then match the advertiser to the podcaster and make sure each fits the campaign objectives.

While I want every show to be on a buy, advertising deals are earned by the media creators who are doing the basics to ensure their shows are advertiser ready. If your show is advertiser ready and meets campaign objectives we will be sending you a campaign invite next week.