Blubrry Development Update

We are pleased to announce some new features and changes to Blubrry!

First, the account settings page has changed. We’ve cleaned up the menu options by only providing a link to the Statisticss system (if you’ve filled out an advertising survey) and a link to the new Publisher system.

We’ve developed a new interface called the Publisher for members to manage their podcast(s) listed on Over the coming weeks we will be adding a number of features to the Publisher system for Blubrry members to utilize. I can’t get into the details what these new features include, but if you snoop around in the settings section you will find that we’re now asking for your twitter user name.

We’ve received a lot of complaints about home page coverage. We’ve changed the logic for the most recent podcast section to randomly select 4 episodes that have been created in the past few hours. we’re re-randomizing these 4 episodes every 15 minutes. This should provide fair exposure to all of the podcasts listed on Blubrry. Remember, your post has to include media in order for it to be included in the home page. blog posts will no longer be included on the home page.

Please contact us if you are having any problems or have suggestions how we can improve blubrry.