24 Hour Podcast to Benefit OLPC

Nearly six months ago I got this idea about doing a 24 hour podcast not sure why it was just one of those things. Several weeks ago I firmed up those plans and have been working on what should be a pretty amazing event. 24 hours straight online talking about Podcasting, Technology, Life, Family and whatever else comes up.

The who what when and where.

First the When: Friday Dec 21st starting at 11am Eastern and Finishing Saturday Dec 22nd at 11am

Now the Who: Todd Cochrane CEO RawVoice and a whole bunch of Industry leaders

For the What:

  • One Laptop Per Child
  • Voyager II Discussion with Scientist
  • Podcast Monetization
  • Podcasting 101
  • Podcast Marketing
  • Podcast Statistics
  • Discussions with Podcast Leader
  • Recording of the Geek News Central Podcast
  • Guest from Australia and the United Kingdom
  • Top Technology Podcasters
  • Open Discussion to answer all the questions I can

Why should you attend. I would expect that you are going to learn more in 24 hours than you will in a whole year on the podcasting space. It should be a lot of fun and this is the time you can get up and personal with me to ask questions and get insights into what RawVoice, Blubrry, TechPodcasts and PodcasterNews is all about join me live and get in on the discussion!

If you would like to have a spot on the 24 hour event please email Todd at geeknews@gmail.com


Interactive Audio: