A New Survey System

On Friday we announced to the entire Blubrry Community the roll-out of our new and improved pre-advertising qualification survey. We have already seen a great number of you go in and complete the new survey.

Based on the information we learned while meeting with National Media buyers we will be able to close the loop on information that is needed to properly represent your shows.

In the next few weeks, we will be introducing a listener based survey that once combined with the data we have received from you via the advertising survey and the new media statistics data that we are able to analyze we will be able to answer any question thrown at us about any show in the entire blubrry family.

We are not going to horde this information. The best part is all of this data collection will tie into a new service we will provide back to those of you that belong to one of our communities.

We believe in giving you added value tools you can use, and we feel the end product that we provide you through the RawVoice Exchange system will be unlike what is available today through any other new media community.