Blubrry Podcast Statistics Coming Soon

Blubrry StatsAs you may have heard in our recent Brrycast, our podcast statistics engine is running and providing stats on media files for a number of shows on ad deals as well as the RawVoice team.

As podcasters, we’re pretty critical on things like this. So Todd, Angelo, Brian and I have been using the system to track numbers on our shows for a little while now. We think the system is at a point where we can start opening it up to the wider community very soon. In order to do that we will need to make some changes to the settings page so that you are able to activate and then access stats for your shows that are members of the community.

In true Blubrry style, what you will see won’t be the most whiz bang interface the world ever invented. That’s not the point though. The goal is to give you meaningful stats from a reliable system. That means you’ll be able to track all of the files you add to the system on an overall and monthly basis for all of your episodes or by individual file. You will be able to track clients (like iTunes), platforms (Win, Mac, Linux) and geographic data.

We don’t like data vaults. So initially you can access print and pdf export views to all of your stats pages. We’re planning additional export options in the near future.

You will hear from us soon with an update to let you know when you can access the stats system and add your shows. Til then thanks for being patient. And thanks to our technical lead Angelo for working diligently to make this an excellent system.