Why You Didn’t Get Offered An Ad Deal

Today we sent out an ad deal offer to a very small number of podcasts in our community. Every time we send something out inevitably we start hearing the question, “Why haven’t I been offered an ad deal yet?” The question is fair so I just wanted to remind our community about the process we go through when considering ad deals.

The needs and preferences of the advertiser are the number one priority when it comes to selecting which shows will be offered a particular deal. Advertisers want to make sure that their message is targeted to certain audiences. Our job is to make sure that happens. Some advertisers (like GoDaddy for instance) want a very wide reach. That’s great. Some want to narrow their targeting. That’s great too. We work with them either way.

So the most logical answer to the question is, “Your show hasn’t met the criteria set forth by the advertisers.”

Please remember that we don’t promise an ad deal to every podcaster. We do the best we can to meet the needs of advertisers, podcasters and their audiences.

Another possible reason that you missed out on a deal was because you have not filled out your advertising survey. When we look at pulling together deals we match up those podcasts that have an active ad survey. Go here for a tutorial on the Blubrry ad survey.

Also remember that we don’t get paid unless podcasters get paid. So we have no reason to ignore shows just for the heck of it.

We see interest in advertising via podcasts increasing so we’re happy to put out the effort on our dime to help bring new advertisers into the game. When we do bring them in we will do all we can to make sure that the advertisers get matched with shows that are appropriate for the message that the advertisers want to send.