Podcasting For The Love Of It

for avWith our recent post about the business side of podcasting I thought it important to talk about a great reason to get into and stay into podcasting.I think the Beatles said it best when they said, “Love, love, love.”

I got into podcasting because I loved the fact that I could express myself, connect to people through media and then build communities around that media. Call it a hobby. Call it what you like.

I think its very important that people who are into producing podcasts are allowed to feel comfortable pursuing their goals without pressure to earn money or be financially profitable. After all, some of the best media is produced when the people doing so are comfortable, relaxed and unencumbered by the pressures of making it into a business.

I remember a guy in Central Park asking me about the podcast I was recording. He asked, “How do you make money from that?” I looked back at him with his bicycle next to him on the bench where he was seated. “Do you like riding your bike?” “Yes,” he replied. “How do you make money from that?” I replied with a smile.

— Rob —