Four Ways To Promote Your Podcast

SP Rovers - BTC 2007We recently got an email asking about placing ads to promote podcasts like another site allows. We pride ourselves on the fact that we don’t charge podcasters money to promote their shows. Right now we’re in the business of finding ways for podcasters to make money if they want to.

We’re also in the business of helping podcasters connect with each other and audiences that like great content. Here are four ways that you can promote your podcast for free using our communities.

1. Create a promo and add it to Then make friends with podcasters on Blubrry and offer them your promo.

2. Add a note about your podcast to the Podcast Promotion section of the Blubrry forum.

3. Get juiced! Our Juice It feature allows all podcasters to get front page exposure for their shows if they are popular enough. More on our Juice It feature here and here.

4. Send a link to your audio promo to marketing[at]rawvoice[dot]com and we’ll play a few on each upcoming Brrycast.

Can you dig it podcasters? We’re here to help, not to drain you of your valuable show piggy banks.

– Rob –