Truly Profitable Podcasting

There’s a lot of noise out there in the world of podcasting with respect to making some money from your podcast. Some folks hit you with a hard sell on their podcast profit secrets. Here’s the biggest secret. There are no secrets! You shouldn’t have to pay a cent to find out how to turn your podcast into a financially profitable venture. Just look at podcasters who focus on content and community.
Some of those types of podcasters are right here on Blubrry. Shel and Neville from For Immediate Release are a great example. They recently announced that they have signed up a second sponsor for their podcast.

Shel and Neville were on the GoToMeeting deal with Blubrry for several months but they’ve also enjoyed the flexibility of being able to recruit and manage their own sponsorships.

If you take a look at the history of FIR you get a clue into how they’ve been able to build a show that gets attention and brings in revenue.

  • Passion – With a capital P folks. These guys love the topics they cover on FIR. They are living and breathing advocates for social media and communications.
  • Consistency – I don’t think that a week has gone by over the past two years without hearing a show from them.
  • Engagement – Everyone feels like a part of the show with FIR. They read people’s comments. They play people’s comments. They encourage interaction. They’ve turned their fans into correspondents for the show.
  • Focused Content – The content coming out of FIR is always engaging and on target. Their content focus is on the use of social media in public relations and corporate communications. As such, they have a very targeted audience.
  • Friendly Approach – Shel and Neville are two of the most approachable personalities in podcasting.
  • Hard Work – Quality podcasting takes effort. Many hours are invested in research, preparation, recording, editing and lots more. Two and a half years down the road there is a sizable amount of proof to potential sponsors that FIR can deliver.

These are just a few of the reasons why Shel and Neville are doing well in the podcasting game. They’ve put in the hours to build something meaningful and its starting to pay off.

Of all the things you can learn from the success of FIR, learn this. Content and community come before dollars. Focus on building the first two things over time and opportunities for the third will present themselves.