Two New Blubrry Features

Over the last few months we’ve received a great deal of feedback indicating that podcasters would like more control over their feeds and content. Consider it done! We have just released two new features that make it easier for users to manage their podcast feeds and content on Blubrry.

* Podcasters may now change their own RSS feeds. So if your show feed changes you can now update your Blubrry podcast profile to reflect the change.
* Podcasters may also edit or delete posts that have been previously aggregated into the Blubrry system. So if you make a mistake or have made changes on your main site you can make sure your Blubrry profile reflects the proper content.

You can access these new features when logged in by following the your settings link at the top of the Blubrry site. Once you’ve gone there you can choose Podcast Program Settings to get to your RSS feed info. Or you can select Manage Podcasts to access the posts previously pulled into our system.

We’ve got plans to add many more features over the next few months that will make Blubrry a more useful and more powerful resource for podcasters and their audience members. Stick around for some more sweet feature enhancements.