Whats Going On

“PodShow should put together a podcast as blubrry does. Let people know what’s going on..be open!”

– Britney Mason

As quoted in a recent blog post by Christopher Penn.

We like to think of ourselves as out front in a whole new medium of entertainment distribution. We know that the producers have the option of going directly to the audience without intermediaries. So we figured it would be best to create a place that puts the needs of producers and their audiences first.

You will notice that we haven’t put banner ads on the site, although they certainly have been offered to us. We’ve also done our best to attend and/or provide financial support for the various PodCamp events occurring around the world. We have engaged in charitable campaigns and will continue to do so as time and financial resources allow.

At RawVoice we take a long view of the possibilities created by the world of podcasting. We’re not treating it like a gold rush. We’re treating it like a medium that will continue to be more and more of a force as time goes on. Our approach with Blubrry will reflect that.

We know that Blubrry is not the perfect podcast community. We are working to build more advanced tools. We are working to improve usability by adding more features that allow podcasters and their audiences to have a great experience here. We are working to provide more financial opportunities to a wider variety of podcasters. And we’re doing it all with blood, sweat, and our personal piggy banks, at least for the moment.

We can’t afford to listen all the time. We want to listen though. We’re podcasters ourselves so if we don’t listen to ourselves then our shows will suffer too.

Todd Cochrane – CEO – Geek News Central
Barry Kantz – General Counsel – Home-Based Travel Agent
Jeff Hinz – Director of Content – Friday Night Dance Party