A Green Spring

Now that the weather in the Northeast has turned into true winter my thoughts wander to spring. And how sweet spring can be if you’re a Blubrry podcaster.

Because you may have the opportunity to take part in a pair of advertising deals at one time. I recently announced the very broad and generous GoDaddy deal that is available to all Blubrry podcasters who have filled out their advertising survey and returned the offer sheet.

Come April 1st their will be another opportunity for podcasters in the following categories to get in on an advertising deal: Business, Education, Environment, General, News, Nostalgia, Travel, Politics, Science, Technology, Weather

Note: Shows can apply for waivers if not in the current categories on a case by case basis.

This will be a first time campaign and the deal is BIG. In fact, the deal is so big that we will be able to engage every show in one of the above categories provided that those shows fill out their surveys and agree to the deal. Also, this is a CPM deal so payments to podcasters will be based on the amount of visibility your shows provide for the advertiser.

Yes, you can run the GoDaddy and this other campaign together to get the max benefit out of your association with Blubrry. A green spring indeed :).