Can You Say 1K?

1000 Podcasts

We’re just about there folks. One thousand podcasters have submitted their shows to the Blubrry Community. If you look down at the bottom of the programs page you will see something like “viewing 1-30 of 1000”. That means we’ll be giving away an iPod very soon.

We’ll take a close look at our program list before we call it official, but this is a great milestone. Blubrry is a place where podcasters choose to join the community. We don’t scan the web looking for feeds. We invite podcasters to join subject to our very basic terms and conditions.

We’re giving more podcasters than anyone else the opportunity to earn revenue from their shows while retaining 100% ownership of their content. We’re also allowing podcasters to have a second point of presence that is free of annoying ads and respects the brand for their podcast. We also make it very easy for audience members to get their favorite shows. We don’t require people to log in to access the content. And if they are nice enough to join we provide one-click subscription to all podcasts within the community.

There is a lot more in the works. We’re building advanced statistics, publishing tools, integrated hosting, and lots more.

Thanks to the first 1000 podcasters in the community for helping us to build something great. Thanks to the next 1000 who will help the community to get even stronger. Thank you to our advertisers who are helping podcasters to earn some money doing what they love. And thanks to all the audience members who are enjoying and sharing our shows. Without you, none of this would be possible.