Blubrry, Nokia, Sweet!

The entire Blubrry podcast community is now available on 3rd Generation Series 60 phones (basically phones with the N in front or the e62) from Nokia. The directory app is available free at See exactly how it works by watching the video below featuring our fearless leader Todd Cochrane.

5 Replies to “Blubrry, Nokia, Sweet!”

  1. Nice.

    just one question. The video downloads LOOK fantastic … great, clear images. But the frame rate is awful. Is that the a limitation of the phone (E62) or are the movies published with a very low frame rate?

  2. I’m sorry Steve. Which movies are you talking about? Are you watching on your mobile? I have a Samsung Blackjack which plays movies but when I send files over some sort of conversion is performed which adjusts the file and causes a little stuttering in the playback.

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