Life According to Uncle Tuck

Life According to Uncle Tuck

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Episode 04 – Old Photos
September 09, 2021

Hey, Uncle Tuck here. Let me share my thoughts about keeping old pictures. I’m not talking about the family pics. I’m talking about pics from your past. Whether it’s an old relationship, old friends, etc. Now I’ve been taking pictures since the early 80s

Renaissance Man
August 31, 2021

I’m damn good! Where to begin? I’ll start by saying this isn’t my normal blog post. I would go as far as saying this is a return to my blogging roots. Honestly, I thought I wouldn’t see 50, but here I am. And it has been one heck of an adventure. Let’s se

Episode 02 – Cancel Culture
August 19, 2021

In this episode of Life According to Uncle Tuck, GDash and I speak about the cancel culture. And is it toxic, and what exactly is the goal behind the cancel culture? ►

Episode 00 – The Introduction to the Podcast
January 01, 2021

Episode 00 serves as an intro to the Podcast Life According to Uncle Tuck about what you can expect to hear on this podcast.

Hello 2021
January 01, 2021

Hello 2021 Damn if 2020 was a rough year all around. For starters, I lost my dear mother, aunt, and uncle all within a few months of one another. Yeah man, that shit was tough on your boy. But luckily, I have good people in my corner that helped me during