Life According to Uncle Tuck

Life According to Uncle Tuck

Now is the time

November 04, 2021

Before you convince yourself that you’re not ready to do your thing. Please know that there are hundreds of other people doing the very thing, who have less money, skills, and ethics than you.

Now is NOT the time to second guess or doubt yourself. The world needs what you have to offer. And as long as you’re truly honest with yourself, the growth will happen with focus and dedication.

I know you’re tired of seeing people with lesser talent and a knack for selling the sizzle do the very thing you are capable of doing and getting paid for it.

I’m sharing this because honestly, I needed to hear this too. Every day I see someone offering services and or goods who are basically winging it, with the hopes no one truly questions their skill and service.

For example, graphic designers are dealing with people calling themselves designers who use programs like CANVA and SPARK who couldn’t come up with a concept without the aid of those programs. Now I’m not saying you can’t use those programs but if that’s the bulk of your designing talent… well then you’re not offering your client much.
To hear my views check out the video linked in this post.

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