Coffee with The Couple Cure

Coffee with The Couple Cure

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His Self-Deception (& How to Fight It) – 2.09S
September 11, 2019

Jay and Lori discuss self-deception and lies. Why do betrayers do this? Why did Jay lie to Lori? - They also cover some things you can do to overcome these behaviors and get to a better place.

How Lies Increase Betrayal Trauma Pain, Pt 2 (Video) – 2.08S
September 05, 2019

Lori holds Jay's feet to the fire on one of his past beliefs. Then we speak directly to the guys.

How Lies Increase Betrayal Trauma, Pt 1 (Video) – 2.07S
August 28, 2019

Women tell me the lying is worse than the sexual integrity issue. Jay goes into the first lies he ever told, and Lori shares what she thought when he'd lie about certain things. He even shared some brand new truth the day of this recording.

What She Wishes She’d Known, Pt 2 (Video) – 2.06S
August 21, 2019

Continued from the previous episode where Lori shares what she wishes she'd known the first time the truth came out.

What She Wishes She’d Known, Pt 1 (Video) – 2.05S
August 14, 2019

Lori shares what she wishes she'd known about betrayal the first time the truth came out.

What He Wishes He’d Known: A Porn Addict Speaks on the Addiction (Video) – 2.04S
August 07, 2019

Here Jay gives several things he wishes he'd known about the addiction... and the recovery process.

Other Sources of Betrayal Pain (Video/Podcast) – 2.03S
August 01, 2019

"Aren't you over this yet?" "It's just porn!" "It's your job to forgive!" Some things told to betrayed who've been betrayed don't help. They only become new sources of pain; new ways...

When Betrayals Continue, She’s Still in the War – 2.02S
July 25, 2019

Even when addictive behaviors stop, if other unhealthy behaviors continue then she is still 'living with ...

Can Betrayal Be Traumatic? An Addict’s Perspective (Video) – 2.01S
July 18, 2019

This is the first episode of Season 2 where we cover the basics of betrayal, but also have a few new...

2.00S Trailer for Podcast Season 2
April 23, 2019

Hi Everyone. Lori and I wanted to give you a preview of Season 2.  You have the option of watching the video or listening to the podcast, which has better audio.