Coffee with The Couple Cure

Coffee with The Couple Cure

2 Kinds of Values & 2 Other Addictions (how to name emotions) – 4.19S

October 21, 2022

In this video we discuss two addictions we haven’t covered before, as well as 2 different kinds of values. WE also discuss the issue of faking vulnerability.

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0:00 Intro
0:15 Video games and hobbies (where we invest our time in relationships)
0:39 Stated Values vs Lived Values (“not demonizing those activities”) *
2:51 This can lead to even more broken trust
3:44 Stated values may be about our image
4:21 One Solution: Stated values is the goal vs. Craving the approval of others *
5;43 One Solution: How to name emotions
8:23 One Solution: One thing that would do wonders for relationships *
9:18 One Solution: A place guys can learn vulnerability, not faking it
11:12 Why Matt would “Say it all” now? Practice
11:40 “Thank goodness someone finally said it” vs “Not willing to go there”
12:47 In the next episode: Can video games actually help after broken trust?

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